Freitag, 19. Dezember 2014

Let's call it a FHIRabend

Some of my readers may have wondered about this Blog's name, which certainly isn't self-explanatory outside of Germany (or outside the FHIR-Community for that matter).

The acronym FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a masterstroke from the pen of our interoperability poet, Rene Spronk!

The capabilities for wordplays and associations are endless and the creativity within the community to come up with new ideas, names and taglines never ceases to amuse me.

Just to name a few, FHIR has endowed us with

  • awe-inspiring wallpapers of our legendary FHIR Chiefs 
  • nerdy firemen cosplay at the Connectathons :)
  • project names like SPARKFORGE and  - my favourite: SPRINKLER
  • cozy places for a good read such as the FHIRplace
  • evening-filling playlists of FHIR-related songs of all genres to deliver the soundtrack to any after-work party.
  • enough available domains to accomodate any FHIR project.
  • a Google search term that yields hardly any unrelated results! 

FHIR is a WIN on so many levels!

And the range even expands when you take FHIR to other languages:

In German, "FHIR" is pronounced exactly the same as the word "Feier" which means "celebration" and is used in many different conjunctions such as Weihnachtsfeier (christmas party), Geburtstagsfeier (birthday party) or: Feierabend (which literally translates as "Celebration Evening" but that doesn't quite capture the semantics).

If in a German company you hear someone yell "Feierabend!", it is the announcement that this person is about to head straight towards the office's exit, most likely in order to enjoy a "Feierabend-Beer" with some collegues. 

The term "Feierabend" describes the time of day after you finished your day's work and as imperative anounces it's beginning. It is the time of day when we switch from doing the things that pay the rent to doing the things we enjoy.
(Meaning we switch from HL7 V2 to FHIR. Nah, just kidding! V2 can be fun, too!) 

So far, I haven't been able to find a proper english translation for "Feierabend" except for the idiom
"Let's call it a day!"

Relating to this Blog's motto:
FHIRabend is Interoperability. After dark.