Montag, 20. April 2015

Achtung Fhirmen und solche die es werden wollen!

Ab sofort ist die Registrierung für die FHIR Developer Days vom 18.-25. November 2015 in Amsterdam möglich!

Die Einladung liest sich wie folgt:

Dear FHIR Supporter,

We would like to invite you as a health IT professional to the International HL7® FHIR® Developer Days 2015, which will be held in Amsterdam on November 18th – 20th.

FHIR Developer Days is an intense mixture of software development, tutorials, presentations and social opportunities.  You’ll have a chance to meet and learn from FHIR experts, including the core team members of FHIR, Lloyd McKenzie, Grahame Grieve and Ewout Kramer. As well, you’ll have a chance to put your knowledge of FHIR into practice .

Beginner, advanced and ‘user community’ track
There will be three tracks this year: a hackathon, an educational and a ‘user community’ track. The hackathon and educational tracks are subdivided into beginner and advanced tracks. The beginners track for the hackathon will feature a round table with tutorials and intensive coaching. The ‘user community’ track (new in 2015) offers a platform for the sharing of implementation experiences and best practices in a series of twenty minute presentations.

‘Very good with very detailed information on FHIR’
The HL7 FHIR Developer Days 2014 have been very well received. Over 70 participants from 20 countries attended the three day event in Amsterdam to learn more about FHIR and to build their own FHIR applications. The quality of the educational track was perceived to be high. Next to presentations aimed at making participants familiar with FHIR as much as possible, there were also presentations on the capabilities of FHIR. An example was ‘SMART on FHIR’ by Scot Post van der Burg, which offered many new insights, ideas and much inspiration. The session on DICOM was also very useful, as experts on both FHIR and DICOM were present. They demonstrated that DICOM can be used within FHIR.

The participants of the FHIR Developer Days exhibited a true community spirit. They did this not just by assisting each other in helping to resolve issues during the hackathon, but also by participating in the photo shoot for the “FHIR Chiefs Calendar”. You can get hold of the calendar by attending one of the upcoming HL7 events.

Please visit for more information and registration. We expect this event to attract much interest and advise you to register early.

We invite you to share this invitation with colleagues to whom the FHIR Developer Days may be of interest and hope to see you in November.

Kind regards,
Rien Wertheim
 “The best educational event on FHIR in the world at the moment”, Lloyd McKenzie, Gevity Inc. FHIR Core Team member.
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