Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

FHIRwork in progress...

Paris Connectathon is approching fast!

In preparation of the V2-FHIR-Mapping-Scenarios we are currently hammering out a Cloverleaf configuration to transform ADT messages into FHIR Message Bundles.

This is what we've got so far:

Please feel free to comment, critisize, discuss or reuse for server side implementation testing!

We found the modelling of the Encounter.Location (formerly known as PV1.#3) particularly challenging. Our current approach is to contain Facility, Room, Bed and Point of Care (which is what we consider to be the 80% scope of what is used in the V2 message) as Contained Resources in Encounter.

The hierarchic dependencies "Bed is part of Room is part of Point of Care is part of Facility" is resolved by references from one Contained Location Resource to another:

PoC as part of  Facility

For Connectathon participants on the ORU mapping track, please take note of Rene Spronk's excellent whitepaper at

Edit 22.04.2015 16:30h: Mapped Encounter.State to "finished" for the A03 Event
Edit 25.04.2015 10:00h: Corrected all Bundles; Encounter.Identifier (= Casenumber) was missing