Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015

The Game of the APIs

Inspired by Ewout Kramer's speech  at the HL7 WGM in Paris, I decided to play the "Game Of The APIs" for a bit.

The result is an interface, that listens to a Twitter stream and translates the incoming Tweets tagged with #fhir into Fhir Resources: one containing the Tweet and one representing the Tweep (Twitter user).
The Resources are then bundled into a Transaction and sent to a public test server.

This interface is completely useless in a real world scenario, but it is a nice exercise :)

Montag, 15. Juni 2015


I just implemented an adaptor for my Cloverleaf Integration Engine that reads all Tweeds tagged with #fhir.
And then I tweeted about it.

And I still don't know why I did this. But it's cool.

Next steps: Map the Tweets into a FHIR Communication resource and post to a FHIR server.