Dienstag, 10. Januar 2017

Klingons are on FHIR

Star Trek - predicting the future since 1966

...and now this:

Quick help for those who are not fluent in Klingon:

"qul" = "fire"

 "QeulpuvaD je HerghvaD 'u'Daq labwi'a'" = "for doctors and medicine in the universe (Important) Transfer/Upload/Download"

"QHUL ghot ponglu'." = "the QHUL men they are called."

"pIn'a'pu' Dra'Ham, ewut je loit 'oghlu'pu'." = "by klingon masters Grahame, Ewout and Lloyd it has been invented."

"Divl'Daq DaH ghoStaH QHUL!" = "to the federation now is coming QHUL!"

"'oH lo'taH 'op Divl' jup." = "it already use some Federation friends."

"mu'meychay yIlaD:" = "their words read:"